There are no analogues of the Skidooking school in Russia. The training is based on the unique experience of professional Russian and foreign racers.

Team of professional instructors
The theory of avalanche safety + the practice of skiing in the mountains
Many years of experience with snowmobiles
The most modern SKI-DOO mountain snowmobiles
Amazing, unique mountain landscapes of Kamchatka
Unforgettable impressions and emotions from driving
I learned about SkiDooKing school on the internet. I wanted to see what it is. The BRP dealer in Khabarovsk said that SkiDooKing is in Murmansk and Kamchatka. Since Kamchatka is closer to us, to the "Far East" guys, we flew here.

We are all very impressed by the nature of Kamchatka, the hospitality of the "Snezhnaya Dolina" base, the charity and friendliness of the staff, the professionalism of the instructors and especially by the amount of snow. We never get that much snow on the Sakhalin!

The SkiDooKing course gave an understanding of how to drive a snowmobile on a slope properly and technically. How to work with gas and brake. How to put a snowmobile on one ski and hold it while moving by a traverse. I got everything I wanted. Now you need to hone your skills. Practice is needed. Ride, ride and ride again.

But, in addition to the rules of snowmobile riding, there was a very useful course on avalanche security. For example, yesterday in the area of our riding in Komsomolsk-on-Amur four avalanches came down. Before, I would not have paid attention to this, but now I return home with the desire to share my knowledge with my friends and I plan to hold a "seminar for my people." I want everyone who rides with me, not only to know how to use the beeper and probe, how to conduct search works, but also to have the necessary avalanche equipment.

In addition to training, we managed to go on a snowmobile safari. The final day added positive emotions. Mountains, hills, valleys, snow and sun! We descended into the craters of the Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes.

And also - thermal springs. I've never seen that before! To lie in a hot pool among the winter and snow - its' very cool!

I've already planned to meet here the next New Year. This time I'm coming with my family. After all, you can ski and snowboard here. Safari on the snowmobiles. It will be nice to come back here.

Vladimir Maslovsky
Vladimir Maslovsky
Hey everyone! I went on a winter vacation to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and booked before that. It was awesome!
Our loyal client.
Our regular client

How do we learn?LYNX SHREDDER DS 3900

Ski-Doo Summit 154” G5

A few more facts

The maximum number of participants in each group is 10 people
Each participant is assigned with his own mountain snowmobile SKI-DOO
You can take your snowmobile equipment, or you can rent or purchase directly on the spot
On the route light meals for participants are organized.
All trainees will be insured against accident