Konstantin Voloshin

Director of LLC "RPM", guide-conductor

Konstantin is an experienced rider, was born and raised in Kamchatka. In spirit and in way of life he is the son of his parents, who traveled from Kamchatka to Prague on a Java350 motorcycle in 1962 and returned back, which became an unprecedented journey for that time. The first skiing trip one-year-old Kostya performed on his father's shoulders. And now, tens of thousands of kilometers passed on a snowmobile are behind him. An experienced and trustworthy guide, Konstantin Voloshin not only knows Kamchatka well, he is well-oriented on the terrain, correctly assesses the weather conditions and the capabilities of the group, but also closely monitors the ecological component of each snowmobile tour. "To learn the wild nature of the Kamchatka Territory, without violating its balance" - this is the motto of Voloshin's team.


«We were lucky to be born in such a big country: it is possible to visit sea today, to visit the mountains tomorrow, and the wild the day after tomorrow without visas and foreign currency. If you want to see at once the ocean, mountains, the wild, thermal springs, the Valley of Geysers, and active volcanoes, do not wait for a miracle. Take the ticket and fly to Kamchatka! We will meet you in the first in Russia school of mountain skiing on a snowmobile - and for certain it will be the most unforgettable impression in your life. Because Kamchatka, seen from a snowmobile, is incredible.».

Vladimir Gavrilov

Skidooking Kamchatka School Instructor

Vladimir was engaged in swimming, running, diving, biathlon, downhill skiing, roller skating, rock climbing since childhood. He mastered wakeboarding, kite surfing, drifting, rowing, mountain biking, quad biking and motorcycle driving. It seems easier to list the sports disciplines that Vladimir did NOT deal with)).

1995 –Start of active snowboarding

1997 – III place in freeride

2002 – II place in the championship of Russia in freeride in Nokia winter action competitions (Krasnaya Polyana)

2008 – assimilation of the snowmobile. Since that moment all other sports for Vladimir have paled into insignificance. Today Vladimir Gavrilov is an experienced instructor, masterfully driving a snowmobile and with pleasure transferring his knowledge to the trainees of the Skidooking Kamchatka school.


«My father set the right direction for me in life in kindergarten: launched me from the mountain alone on a sled)). Since then, with the support of my dad and the limitations of my mother, I grew up with a constant thirst for seeking something new and with a desire for travel. I began to ride everything I could get in high school. In 1994 I began to engage in extreme sports. In 2008, I bought the first Ski-Doo snowmobile, and it completely changed my understanding of the snow movement: a sort of snowboard with a motor)). In the same year, I had everything that I liked, and that had a pedal or a handle of gas: quad bike, cross-country motorcycle, jet ski. I'm happy to live in Kamchatka: you can ride a snowmobile for 8 months a year! Complete freedom of movement and freedom of thought! »

Maxim Shapov

Skidooking Kamchatka School guide-instructor

Maxim was born and raised in Kamchatka in a family of policemen. From childhood, he was fond of any technique to which he only had access. He constantly travels through Kamchatka, is engaged in skitour. He regularly takes courses on survival in the wild, and also on avalanche preparation. Annually takes part in ascents to volcanoes, is engaged in skyrannening. In addition, every summer Max participates in bike rides for 200, 300 and 500 km.

1999 – 2002 – the beginning of skiing lessons; Maxim participates in all regional competitions and takes all prizes, constantly being in the top three.

2000 – assimilation of mountain skis

2003 – the beginning of lessons on driving a snowmobile

2012 – II place in snowmobile competition in Elizovo

2012 – III place in competitions on snowcross at the biathlon complex

2013 – participation in drift competitions


«I was born and raised on Kamchatka. Probably, volcanoes are boiling in me! From the very childhood I liked to rush somewhere , to fly, to run. Mountain skis, snowmobiles and rally in the winter. And in the summer - drift and motocross, and the car again. When I'm not involved in sports, I can be found in a driving school where I work as an instructor in driving instruction. Since 2015, I also work at the Skidooking Kamchatka snowmobile school. Movement and speed are my passion. Nature is my power. Endurance and calmness, sober calculation and patience are my trumps both on the slope and in communication with people. »

Feedback from the students of the school about Maxim Shchapov:

«Max knows how to find an individual approach to everyone. He is known as an instructor far beyond Kamchatka.»

«If you find it difficult to drive, then you should meet with Maxim. His perfect knowledge of the theory and practice of driving, his calmness and tact in dealing with people, his self-control and confidence in himself and his student - that's what ultimately leads to a brilliant result! »